Self-Assessment and Peer Challenge

Self-Assessment and Peer Challenge lies at the heart of the sector led improvement programme in the Eastern Region

The Process

An annual self-assessment process is undertaken in which each of the Local Authorities in the region completes a self-assessment template, with the help of some guidance notes. Following internal review and sign-off by the Director of Children's Services, the self-assessments are then moderated by a team of volunteers taken from the QA and Performance Management network groups in other LAs. Moderation comments are fed back to the author LA

Each Local Authority's self-assessment, the moderator comments, and a regional data pack are then provided to two other DCSs within the region, who will review the materials and, at a regional peer challenge event, will then provide challenge and support to the host self-assessment DCS

Details of the 2017 self-assessment and peer challenge can be found here