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This website has been developed to allow for information sharing between Local Authorities and with Partner agencies working with children and young people across the Eastern Region of England

About the Eastern Region Children's Services Sector Led Improvement (SLI) Programme

The Eastern Region Sector Led Improvement (SLI) Programme is a membership group of all 11 single and two tier local authorities in the East. The intended outcomes of the programme are:

  • All LAs are able to demonstrate ongoing improvement in relation to safeguarding and corporate parenting

  • All LAs are sustaining a trajectory of improvement towards being rated at least good by Ofsted and once realised are able to maintain this position

  • Improvements are made in targeted areas across the region based on shared priority areas for improvement

  • All LAs are able to improve in key areas identified within their self-assessment through learning, mutual support and challenge

  • LSCBs are able to utilise the principles of SLI to support them on their journey towards outstanding

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